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December 12th-19th: The Next CEO Space Forum of 2010

Loews Lake Las Vegas in Henderson, Nevada

 Everything you need to succeed is here at CEO Space. Seven days of on-site entrepreneur training: advanced next generation business training-materials, individual coaching, IP provided, legal and more.

Entrepreneur / Investor / Inventor / Lawyer / Accountant / Marketing / Branding / Intellectual Property (IP) / Cooperative / Collaberative  Club Members

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CEO SPACE is a private “country club” for the CEO in the small business space. Member to member marketing is our only outreach as over two decades we have expanded to 140 countries via word of mouth from happy venture firms, investors, and client CEO’s with zero advertising or promotion. We invite your organization to review two click and play 10 minute high quality video films on line at Half way down our cover page you will find featured videos, that will not waste your time.




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The CEO Space MN Chapter provides complimentary, weekly, super networking events. The meetings are insightful preview’s into our company’s larger transformational program. Five times a year, a week-long, Free Enterprise Forum and global trade show is held. (March, May, July, October, and December) Here business owners are trained on an MBA-level model of cooperation for business growth and development.


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